Take a Dive in the History of the Canals in Amsterdam
Amsterdam is world renowned for its canals and the water that is overwhelming in the area. Ever since the Middle Ages and even before that, the city was built in the basis of an economic growth that was closely connected with the canals and the opportunities that they provided to the people. During the 17th century, the city knew its Golden Age and there was a gigantic increase in the overall region of Amsterdam. In fact, the city grew about four times its initial size!

There are three major canals connecting Amsterdam and all of them have been included within the World Heritage List. So, you can easily comprehend how valuable and noteworthy the canals have been for the lives of the Dutch. These canals are named Herengracht (the Gentlemen’s Canal), Kaizersgracht (the Emperor’s Canal) and Prinsengracht (the Prince’s Canal). Almost one fourth of the total area of Amsterdam is covered in water and thus it can boast being the most watery city in the entire world! There are canal cruises that offer a great tour around the city, overlooking some of its finest historic monuments and guaranteeing a different point of view. Alternatively, you can rent your own boat or indulge in some treat by the canals at one of the most amazing cafes and restaurants that provide canal-side terraces. Whatever you choose to do, you will be surprised by the clarity of the water. Unlike what you might have in mind, the water in the canals is really clean and odourless and this is something truly wonderful for the travellers and the locals.

Savour your every moment in Amsterdam and make the most out of a cruise in the canals, relishing the views and the harmony of serenity that such splendid settings can offer!