Amsterdam and Wonderful Attractions to Savour
Amsterdam is an idyllic place for long walks and entertainment, due to the versatility of the city and the amazing range of options that you get for fun and recreation. Below, there are some of the most spectacular attractions that you should pay a visit to in Amsterdam. They offer not only stunning views to the natural landscapes of the city, but they also make the most out of your need to have fun and spend your time in the best manner possible. So, feel free to check them out for yourself and see if they live up to your expectations.

Vondelpark is a great breath of fresh air in Amsterdam and this is why it captures the attention of both locals and travellers from other places in the world. Enjoy long strolls or rent a bike to get closer to nature. There is a rose garden that will steal your heart away, while an open-air theatre might be a pleasant surprise, too! For a different attraction, the Room of Riddles is an escape game that will keep you wired and excited throughout its duration. Try to figure out the solutions to the puzzles, so as to get out of the room of riddles! Artis Royal Zoo is another splendid opportunity to enjoy nature at its best, with rare species of animals and lush greenery. Besides everything that has been pointed out above, it is also worth visiting Begijnhof and admiring the gothic style and the nostalgic character of the place. You will find a wonderful chapel and some renovated houses that will fascinate you. Centraal Station is a notable landmark of Amsterdam, which you can access easily for taking pictures and for travelling to an era far from now.

All these attractions will certainly make your vacations to Amsterdam a lot more fabulous and intriguing. So, make the most out of your every day and travel in this glorious European capital!